Welcome to Chillax .

Mission & Vision


a)    Company

Connecting communication to increase market reach and brand equities.

b)    Our Affiliates

To create entrepreneurs that embrace latest technology and marketing techniques to build a business.

c)    Our Customers

To create a healthy and confdent community by empowering them through knowledge.


VISION: We inspire community by empowering people through knowledge sharing

VALUES of Chillax :

1. Professionalism

2. Integrity

3. Empowering

4. Pioneering

5. Passion

6. Ownership

7. Customer focus

8. Fun


At Chillax , we believe beauty & abundance of wealth will co-exist , giving our community members more confidence in their everyday life.

We organize programs and activities to help you to achieve your desire results. Partnering some of the most enthutiast brands in the market , we hope it will be give more value to our members.

We welcome you onboard.